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About the travel agency Astrela Ltd. and tour services

Bulgarian travel company Astrela Ltd. was founded in 2002 in Varna. Now it is a small travel agency, that works in the sphere of all year round wide-profile incoming tourism all over Bulgaria. We provide tour services to individual tourists and non-standard tourists – adults, students, children.

Our approach is individual and together with tourists we aim every tour to be maximum interesting and useful.
Tourists together with Astrela construct their’s own trip and holidays.

Types of tourism we offer:

  • sea
  • mountains
  • spa
  • travel in Bulgaria
  • self-drive
  • excursions
  • active tours
  • thematic tours.

Category of tour services: from 5 stars all inclusive (even for travelers) to very cheap student variants.

Travel company Astrela offer holidays and tourism in Bulgaria for tourists from the whole world. We make direct contact to the international tourists, and also trough local tour agencies. If necessary Astrela Ltd. (licensed travel company and member of Bulgarian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry) offers direct help and provide with visas and tickets.

Astrela has constant interactions with travel agencies from USA, Israel, Germany, Ukraine, Russia and other countries.

Astrela’s tour services concern to average price category – normally price for one person per day for tour services is from 15 to 150 euro.

Astrela is striving best to offer non-mass tour services – individual transport, relatively rarely visited regions for active tourism, private houses, family hotels, individuals guides services.

Information about the travel agency Astrela
Astrela Ltd.
License for tour operator and travel agent 05251

Register by BCCI(Bulgarian Chamber Of Commerce And Industry) – resolution: 4021029010/04.12.2006
Insurance policy:Allianz Bulgaria – Varna

Contacts, address: astrela.com/contacts/


Accommodation, guides, transport, organization of help are to your services

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