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... and pleasing prices :)) >> English >> Real estate >> Apartments >> Property #: AP060

Apartments in hotel for sale in sea resort Sunny Beach

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Property #: AP060
Location:    Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Price: At request

Apartment-hotel Grenada is located in the eastern part of sea resort Sunny Beach in the immediate vicinity to the seashore. Grenada is a fashionable complex with Gaudy like contemporary architectural style. The smooth harmonically curved shapes and the Gaudy type steadiness of forms are in the style of his massive and impressive stone buildings, combined in the case of Grenada with light shining colors suitable for a sea shore located complex.

Charm and spirit of a contemporary palace centrally situated in the most actual, populated and frequented Bulgarian sea resort are typical for the apartment-hotel. The luxurious and functional facilities offered by Grenada are an advantage for every future owner of the complex property. Besides of the "sine qua non" restaurant, shop and fitness hall, Grenada's apartment owners will also use the hairdresser's studio, massage, I net hall, Change.

Lobby bar and a special Select Hollywood chain bar are also available, a children's room and an open-air swimming pool with an adjacent bar are provided for. Two lifts are used for the upper floors.

The complex is located on 1,5 km distance from the central part of Nessebar city and its historical and architectural sights and close to all Sunny beach attractions. Apartment-hotel Grenada will be completely ready within July 2006.

The building's construction is effected with new prefabricated YTONG masonry walls and reinforced concrete plates. Humidity, heat and vapor isolation of the overall construction is based on a special project and provided by contemporary materials. Windows are with Al constructed frames and three chamber glass-package. The local transformer substation provides independent electric supply. The staircase is marble plated. Terraces are protected by reinforced glasses and painted.

Apartments are air-conditioned. Local electric boilers are available for each apartment. Two lifts with luxurious cabins are available. Apartment owners possess individual space in the parking lot. Perfectly balanced infrastructure of the whole complex. Natural and decorative verdure of the site.

Once an apartment owner in Sunny beach Apartment-hotel Grenada, you will enjoy living in a contemporary palace combining the stability of the past with nowadays luxury.

Facilities in the hotel: restaurant with terrace, lobby bar, Select Hollywood night club, shopping area, supermarket, change, fitness hall, massage, hairdressers, Internet hall, children's room.

Apartment floor spaces vary from the smallest ones about 36 sq.m approx to the spacious roomy apartments of 120 sq.m. All of them are luxuriously performed. Individual bathrooms are available. Here are some details of the interior:

  • floor - Laminated parquet or Italian terra-cotta;
  • walls & ceiling - stucco and latex coated;
  • air-conditioner;
  • luxurious lighting bodies;
  • bathroom & WC - terra-cotta floor and faience walls;
  • bathrooms are ventilated and equipped with douche cabins or baths;

Prices for studio:
square meters from 39 sq.m up to 74 sq.m (average)
prices from 35 000 EUR up to 65 000 EUR

Prices for 1-bedroom apartment:
square meters from 58 sq.m up to 98 sq.m (average)
prices from 52 000 EUR up to 83 000 EUR

Prices for 2-bedroom apartment:
square meters from 73 sq.m up to 99 sq.m (average) - prices from 62 000 EUR up to 84 000 EUR

Price for a huge appartment:
square meters - 120 sq.m
prices from 92 000 EUR


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 >> English >> Real estate >> Apartments >> Property #: AP060

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