Asti Arthotel, photos

  Photo 1

A warm southern night against the backdrop of a velvet sky, Asti’s apartment hotel with its original architecture looks very cozy and a bit mysterious.

  Photo 2

The sandy beach Butamyata, nearest to the village of Sinemorets, is located in a wide shallow bay.

  Photo 3

The cozy functional lounge at the Asti hotel with a kitchen box.

  Photo 4

Comfortable bedroom in the apartment

  Photo 5

The terrace in front of the apartment is equipped with an umbrella, a table, chairs – it’s nice to sit in a shade after a hot beach with a soft drink in a sweated glass

  Photo 6

Swimming pool in the hotel Asti

  Photo 7

Tennis court.

Пляж Липите  Photo 8

The next beach – Lipite.

Уединенный безымянный пляж в окрестностях Синеморца  Photo 9

Small bay – for individual rest.

  Photo 10

Another great beach in the vicinity of Sinemorets. Here the Veleka River flows into the sea.

  Photo 11

And, although Bulgaria is traditionally considered a country of roses, in some places the wild poppy blossoms beautifully 🙂