Photos – hotel Kamaka, 2*, resort town Byala


  Photo 1

The open part of the cafe-restaurant under the canopy of flowers

  Photo 2

In a hot summer day, it’s nice to sit with soft drinks under a green lace grape shadow …

  Photo 3

… and also in the morning – in the sun or in the shade of an umbrella and among the living flowers.

  Photo 4

Fireplace near the bar

  Photo 5

Entrance to one of the rooms of a private hotel

  Photo 6

Interior of one of the hotel rooms, bar

  Photo 7

Room of the hotel, the option of placing the beds. Glass in the window – sunscreen

  Photo 8

View from the balcony of Kamaka to the Bulgarian village,
well … that is to the city 🙂 Byala,
and the sea

Центральная улица Бялы. Овощной базар  Photo 9

Center of the Black Sea resort of Byala.
Central street of the city,
vegetable market.
Well, yes, there are parked there … … tourists, probably 🙂