Photos of rooms – Chistovi, town Obzor

  Photo 1

View from the balcony of a family hotel to the beach, to which approximately 100 meters. To the right of the hotel with a blue roof – stairs to the sea and the beach – by the pool and massage room. Photo is made in March – because in summer the beach is almost invisible because of the greenery

  Photo 2

Double room on the 4th floor, bathroom with balcony, shower-WC

  Photo 3

We’re starting to move to the beach. First of all, neighbors: the neighboring yard – no comments, courtyard-flower garden. The next one – a semi-straddling street that passes a minibus. Turn left to the left of the restaurant (where there are folded umbrellas) at the hotel, which is below the blue roof. On the right – a staircase to the sea
(View from the balcony of the hotel)

  Photo 4

We take 16 steps – and we are on the stairs. The area to the left is at the entrance to the massage room next to the pool and the beach. Staircase – with lighting. Take the decorative wooden fence to the right, past the parked scooter …

  Photo 5

And here he is.
Obzor Sandy Beach. Width – 50 m, total length – 3 km to the town of Byala – (part of which is visible on a green hill) mimo resort Obzor and 6 km to Irakli.
Photos are made from the place just under Rooms Hristovi

  Photo 6

View from the beach to the stairs – to the right of the restaurant. Now turn … Hotel right – which is the first Photo of the facade

  Photo 7

For rooms

Triple room…

  Photo 8

… with balcony, …

  Photo 9

… from which the sea is visible

  Photo 10


  Photo 11

Double room

  Photo 12

Kitchen for tourists: two refrigerators (one for two rooms), gas cooker, sink, utensils, etc.

  Photo 13

Street to the center of Obzor. Under Frakian Arches – Restaurant

  Photo 14

Hotel – photos from a street

  Photo 15


  Photo 16