About Bulgaria

General information

Bulgaria is situated on the eastern side of Balkan peninsula, with Black sea to the east, Greece and Turkey to the south, Macedonia and Serbia to the west, Romania to the north.

Bulgaria is situated on 43 degrees north latitude in the temperate climate zone. The highest place – peak Musala 2925 meters (Rila mountains).

Bulgaria is a new member of European Union. Currency – lev (1,95 lev == 1 euro).

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International transport to Bulgaria

Direct lines, without changes, to Bulgaria.

  • Sofia – plane, train, bus
  • Burgas – plane, train, bus
  • Veliko Tarnovo (Gorna Oriahovica) – train, bus
  • Varna – plane, train, bus
  • Plovdiv – plane (at winter), train, bus
  • Ruse – train, bus

Besides, during the tourist season there are trains to Bulgaria without any changes. Railway services in Bulgaria are available almost for all cities and for most towns.


Touristic information about Bulgaria

Individual (personal) tourism in Bulgaria  >>


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tour’s variants, depending on season and interests of tourists.


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