Individual (personal) tourism

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Who are individual tourists? They might be one person, or a family, or a company, small group. The main is, that tourists together with the travel company creates their’s own travels and holidays.

The theme of individual tour might be anything and anytime:

  • holidays on the sea
  • holidays in mountains
  • SPA cure
  • travels in Bulgaria
  • self-drive
  • excursions
  • active tours
  • thematic tours.

Principles of individual tourism allow to travel to the place
and in the way, as it’s impossible in mass tourism: individual transport, relatively rarely visited regions for active tourism, private houses, family hotels, individuals guides services.

Another factor is time. Individual tours allow to travel any (reasonable) time, according to personal tourists’s plans. It is also important, that free time planing allows not to be in a crowd, to visit interesting places, when they are not filled with “mass tourists”.

During travels or on the holidays it is pleasure to spend money, but it is more pleasure to spend money reasonable. Often an individual tours to Bulgaria costs cheaper, than a package in “mass tourism”.

Normally individual tour consists of several components from the list:

  • transport to/from Bulgaria
  • transport to/from hotel (or to another accommodations)
  • transfer between accommodation places (cities, town, resorts)
  • reservation and accommodation in hotels (or another places)
  • reservation and renting a car
  • route for own automobile travel (self drive)
  • guide, mountain guide, driver
  • special contacts and equipment (diving, yachting, paragliding, for example)
  • excursions
  • additional tour components:
    • documents for a visa
    • insurance (for example, special mountain insurance)
    • recommendations for journeys inside Bulgaria by intercity public transport

Thus one individual tour can consist of holidays in several places.
Or combine with:

  • sea holidays and mountain hiking and/or self drive, visiting sights
  • holidays on the sea and visiting the historical places and museums all over Bulgaria
  • Health spa with holidays on the sea
  • eco tourism and diving courses
  • and other

Travel agency Astrela consults about possibilities and expediency of tour’s variants, depending on season, interests of tourists and staff.

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