Auto travels and sights in Bulgaria

Traveling in Bulgaria by car (self-drive or with driver) during any season is the most interesting way to get to know the country. Bulgaria is very various and interesting country from all points of view. Ancient history, original art, nature beauty all over the country.

Astrela provides itineraries and recommendations, books accommodation along the itinerary. And, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you have whom to ask for help or for advice.

Auto tourism in Bulgaria is simple and fascinating. You need only to plan your trip properly. Normally, foreign tourists are interesting in mountain regions (fantastic nature, cloisters, distinctive culture, sights, companionship, fishing), seaside sights, just holidays in different places.

Depending on season, route and staff of tourists, Astrela can recommend which car is better for traveling across Bulgaria. For traveling in Bulgaria by car it is not necessary to come to Bulgaria with your own car – Astrela can provide you with cars, jeeps, minivans, we co-operate with rent-a-car companies.

Sights in Bulgaria World Heritage List

Auto tourism in Bulgaria in interesting, simple, cheap and safe.

Knowledge of some Slavonic language outside of resorts is not necessary.

How to travel in Bulgaria?

With a driver, a guide-interpreter or independently?
As you prefer. If you think, that you need a driver or a guide, Astrela will provide them.

Travel company Astrela makes individual programs and routes for car travels in Bulgaria, books accommodation.

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