By train to rest in Bulgaria,
timetable, itinerary, ticket prices


with the date and place, booking for any period before departure of the train (tickets is paper – only).


Traffic directions, itinerary, summer train timetable from the CIS

Explanations on the geography of traffic with the train. Large railway stations in Bulgaria: Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv. From the railway stations it is easy to reach the resorts

  • From Varna to the Black Sea resort Sunny Beach, the town of Saint Vlas (Slanchev Bryag, Sveti Vlas – 1 hour (a little more) on a minibus).
  • From Varna to Bourgas (Pomorie, Sinemorets, Sozopol, Ahtopol and others) – 2 hours on a minibus.
  • In Greece it is worth to go through Sofia or Plovdiv (both cities – not on the Black Sea).
  • From Varna to Istanbul (Turkey) by bus – 8 hours;   route, timetable, ticket prices, buy a ticket >> .
  • From the railway station of transplantation – border station Ruse (Bulgaria) – do not oversleep the bridge over the Danube (!) – on the train to Sofia, Burgas, etc. inside Bulgaria (not on the Black Sea) – for several hours by train, intercity bus.

By rail to Bulgaria you can arrive in the summer from the CIS countries – Belarus – Minsk, Ukraine – Lviv. It is also convenient to use the train from Minsk to travel to Bulgaria from Russia (from the Kaliningrad region), Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, as well as from Poland, Hungary, Serbia.


Traffic directions, itinerary, train schedule Bulgaria – Europe

International seasonal summer train No. 1004/452 – 451/1003 – Varna – Minsk – Kiev – Varna follows the route:
from Minsk via Baranovichi, Gorin, Lviv (Ukraine), Ivano-Frankivsk, Vadul Siret, then – through Romania, the entrance to Bulgaria via Ruse and further – to Varna.
In Lviv, the Kiev train joins the train.
The train runs from 10 June to 9 September 2018.

Timetables and tickets are available on request.

Other international railway routes to and from Bulgaria:

Sofia – Thessaloniki – Sofia; Bucharest – Sofia – Thessaloniki – Sofia – Bucharest
Sofia – Vidin – Craiova – Vidin – Sofia
Sofia – Halkali (Istanbul) – Sofia
Sofia – Dimitrovgrad (Serbia) – Belgrade – Sofia
Sofia – Bucharest – Sofia


How to make a reservation and / or buy tickets

In Bulgaria, train tickets can be booked for any date, with no time limit. That is, in the spring you can book tickets for the whole summer and even for the autumn. For July and August tickets are dismantled quickly and the return ticket is assured, having already arrived to Bulgaria, the necessary date is not always available on the required date.

You can book tickets or book tickets for any dates, from any railway station in Bulgaria, where the train stops. For the purchase of tickets you need copies of foreign passports and, of course, the conclusion of the contract, in electronic form.

At the early booking of tickets (more than 45 days), the purchase of tickets is carried out through the booking procedure, followed by the issuance of tickets 45 days before the trip.

Reservation and payment for reservations and tickets are preliminary.

If you have already purchased bidirectional tickets (to Bulgaria and Bulgaria), but without the specified date and location numbers, we can arrange a reservation for a specific train, date and place. These tickets are redeemed with the original tickets and with the original or a copy of the reservation confirmation.

At the preliminary application we can buy tickets in any variants – the whole compartment, the bottom places, any dates. To obtain a visa, we send a copy of this ticket, the original is handed over personally or sent by courier mail, through the territory of Bulgaria.

All the year round we provide railway tickets for tourists from any city in Bulgaria where the train stops: Sofia; in the summer – Varna, Burgas. Direction – any, including – Minsk – Belarus, Lviv – Ukraine.

Booking and payment for reservation and tickets are preliminary.

ORDER AND BUY THE TICKET from Bulgaria >> with date and seat, reservation of seats for any period before departure of the train.


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