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Tour package Astrela is formed as a mosaic of separate complementary services.

A flexible combination of our offers ensures that any person with any interests, of any age can make an interesting and useful trip to Bulgaria

Astrela Ltd. serves tourists who live in all countries (including Bulgaria) and have any citizenship. Order, registration, payment is made from any point. Tourists receive visa support, assistance in buying (or booking) tickets, advice on travel to Bulgaria.

The ordering of tourist services, depending on their type, is made through:
– contract conclusion
– registration and transfer of tourist voucher inclusive.

If you are in Bulgaria
go to our office, write, call 052 / 62-72-51.

If you are not in Bulgaria yet:
consult with us (Astrela will help you make an optimal tour and tell you the options for transport to Bulgaria): >> contact form

Order the tour – write the application in the contact form: the names of the services, your special wishes, the dates, the number and age of tourists, their citizenship, the name of the ordering, email, contact phone, country and place of residence:
>> contact form

visa tourists do not need – all the formalities we decide remotely or in the office in Varna
a visa is required for tourists – the issue is decided through the Bulgarian Consulate in the country of long-term stay of the tourist on the basis of the relevant documents (from the Astrela side it can be a confirmation of a reservation, a tourist voucher *) or a visa is issued on the basis of the Astrela tour through local partner travel agencies that are accredited in the consulates of Bulgaria. They will also issue tickets for charter flights to Varna, Burgas, Sofia, Istanbul, Athens, and in winter – to Plovdiv. We send to travel agencies all the necessary information and documents for your tour, after which the client appeals to the appropriate employee of the local travel agency.

General data on the passport regime: when entering the Republic of Bulgaria, a foreign citizen must have a document for travel abroad or another document substituting for him, and also a visa when it is required.

General information about the visa regime: with general information on visa regime you can find on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria >> VISA REGIME

The time limit for submitting an application for the issue of Bulgarian visas: an application for the issuance of a visa shall be submitted on the model no earlier than 3 months before the date of the planned trip personally or through an authorized representative.

There are no special medical and sanitary requirements for visiting Bulgaria (RB). To visit the Republic of Belarus, the foreign tourist must have the original insurance policy “Medical expenses in case of sickness and accident with the tourist”, concluded with a licensed insurance company, with a minimum amount of coverage of BGN 60,000 or other medical insurance covering medical expenses in the territory of Bulgaria.

The procedure for registering the tour directly with Astrela for tourists outside of Bulgaria:
The agreed tour is formalized in the form of a contract. The contract is accompanied by an invoice (for payment), where the details of the bank of the tour operator are indicated, as well as the bank account number (IBAN).

A copy of the contract and the invoice is sent to the client by e-mail (scanned original, in the form of an image). At the request of the client, the contract is sent by mail (upon prior request, international postage is included in the bill in a separate line).

General conditions for the Organized Trip Agreement >>

The contract must be signed on both sides, and sent by e-mail in the appropriate format that establishes its signature, or signed by the electronic way, if the parties to the contract have an electronic signature.

The client pays the invoice by bank transfer to the Astrela account. It is also possible to pay with the customer’s bank card.

Banking costs for transfer are referred to the client’s side, that is, the client is obliged to mark the item “bank charges are paid by the payer” when transferring in the payment order.

The contract comes into force after receiving payment by the tour operator. The amount of money or percentage of the price that must be transferred to the account and the deadline for payment of the remaining amount is determined by the contract, depending on the discounts offered, working conditions with counterparties, customer wishes.

The fact of payment is consent to the terms of the contract. After payment the client sends by e-mail or fax a copy of the payment bank document.

Astrela offers tourists assistance for concluding insurance “medical expenses in case of sickness and accidents in the tourist”, as well as the conclusion of additional insurance to cover costs in the event of a refusal to travel by the consumer and costs for assistance, including repatriation, as well as unhappy case and in cases of illness or death.

Vouchers, tickets the client receives in the agreed place – at a meeting, at the office, at the office of the carrier, at the hotel, by mail, etc. International mail costs are included in the invoice.

Price list
Most services are listed in offers. In the offers, the working charge is also indicated.

Working charge is charged once for each contract.
If in one contract reservation of several hotels is included, then for each hotel reservation the fee-processing is charged once.
Working charge is not charged for additional services under the contract, unless otherwise specified in the offer.

Accommodation for any dates, guides, transport, organizational assistance – at your service

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